6 Freelance Job Ideas to Make Money on the Side

Freelance jobs are everywhere. You just have to know where to look. I am sure you’re familiar with basic ways of making money on the internet like selling your old stuff on eBay or Amazon, but have you ever thought about freelancing? Perhaps you aren’t really sure what it is, or maybe you see it as a slow way to make money. Well, here’s the truth: freelance jobs are something that anyone can do, and taking on freelance gigs should be a part of your online income strategy. Here are 6 freelance job ideas to explore if you are thinking about dipping your toes into the world of freelance!

6 Freelance Job Ideas You Need to Try Out

1. Blog Writing

Blog writing is one of the top ways for beginner freelancers to start making money quickly. Many businesses are looking for talented writers to create valuable blog content for their website, and you may just be the writer they are looking for! You can find plenty of blogging gigs on UpWork and Fiverr to help you get started building a client list. 

Fun Fact: Content marketing is predicted to be an industry worth $412.88 billion by 2021.

2. Social Media Management

Social media management is another high-demand digital job that many businesses offer. Managing social media accounts takes more than having an “eye for pretty things.” It takes hashtag research, effective caption writing skills, consistency, and public management skills.

What is the best tool you can use for social media management? One way I like to make sure that I am staying on track with my social media accounts is to use a social media scheduling program like Later. With Later, I can make sure that all of the posts for my clients are scheduled out before the month even begins. Say goodbye to the days of scrambling to get posts out!

3. Proofreading

Proofreading can be a tedious task, but it needs to get done. By signing up to be a proofreader, you enable the business management teams to better utilize their time doing something else. I love using Grammarly to ensure that all website copy and blog content is error-free. The best part? Grammarly is free to use!

4. SEO Services

SEO (or Search Engine Optimization) is a marketing strategy that helps websites show up in search engines. Knowing SEO best practices is a valuable skill to have and it can tend to be a lucrative freelance gig as well.

Check out some of these free SEO courses by HubSpot. —> SEO Courses 

5. Paid Advertising

We’ve all seen a paid ad before. Whether it was while you were scrolling through Facebook or right before you clicked into a YouTube video, we’ve all witnessed what marketing experts would call a “paid ad” at least once in our life.

So, what does a paid ads freelancer do? As a paid advertising specialist, you would be in charge of the creative graphic, ad copy, set up, and analysis. If you are into setting up ad campaigns and creativity, this may be something worth checking out! Here is another free HubSpot course you can take to learn more about paid advertising. —> Paid Ads Course

6. Graphic Design

Lastly, you should consider being a freelance graphic designer. If you love creating beautiful, compelling graphics, being a graphic designer may be right up your alley! Designers tend to use programs like Adobe Illustrator or InDesign to create digital assets, but you can also use free programs like Canva when you are starting out too. 

Fun Fact: Freelance graphic designers account for approximately 90% of the total industry participation. 

What’s Stopping You From Freelancing?

Today is the day to take the leap! I started out my freelancing journey through UpWork, but there are many other freelance sites you can use to start to grow your client base. I didn’t know what I was doing at first either, but all it takes is getting started. 

What freelance gig are you thinking about starting? 


6 Freelance Ideas

Freedom Through Freelance

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